Our Clear to Send Promise is the process of cleansing + clearing + recharging the energy of our designs before they make their way to their new home. 

Before our natural elements are crafted into designs, the stones are pummeled and shaped.  Their energy is intentionally cleared through our Clear to Send Promise...

  1. WASH.  We first use the renewing properties of water to cleanse our natural natural elements.
  2. CLEAR.  Sage or palo santo is used to clear their energies
  3. RECHARGE.  Our natural elements are placed under the energetic power of a full moon to recharge.  Sun friendly crystals like moonstone are recharged by the sun.

Why do this?  We believe that just like living things (people, animals, plants) every natural element holds energy.  When stones are mined and shaped, they can experience energetic trauma, compromising their natural energy. To ensure your new All For Zen designs arrive to you with all the vibes,  we have created a clearing ritual to recharge, cleanse, and balance them to their organic state.