From the most comfortable bracelets you’ll ever wear, to our eco conscious materials, ALL FOR ZEN stands out in many ways.  

Changing the way you wear your oils since 2016, we have sold to over 20K customers. Based on feedback from hundreds of our customers we discovered most people want a few things when shopping for aroma-wellness jewelry:  

  1. Ease. Today’s consumers are busy!  They shop fast, easy, and affordable.  
  2. Honesty. We want to know the companies we buy from are honest.  Our designs are eco conscious and ethically sourced.
  3. Comfort. We are busy.  We want aroma-wellness jewelry that will move with us all day. 
  4. Last-ability. We need to know that our investment in our health and oils will last all day.  

Each of our designs is rated for EASE, HONESTY, COMFORT, and LAST-ABILITY




  • barely there feel for all day comfort and movement
  • won’t interfere with activity
  • won’t move around your wrist
  • adjust to your comfort


  • supreme comfort
  • you may forget you are wearing a bracelet at all
  • super soft fabric
  • wrap to your comfort


  • essential oils will last for hours
  • perfect for multiple oil use in one day


  • lasts up to 1 day
  • perfect to switch up your oils daily


  • lasts up to 3+ days (depending on activity)
  • designed for activity
  • perfect for super diffusing


  • lasts up to 5+ days (depending on activity)
  • designed for heavy activity 
  • perfect for maximum diffusing

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    *ALL FOR ZEN collections are crafted to be worn as casual jewelry.  All For Zen designs jewelry inspired by wellness and supports active lifestyles.  All For Zen makes no claims to heal or cure and should NEVER replace the advice from your healthcare professional.